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Many patients face obstacles that make it difficult for them to commit the necessary time and resources to seeing their provider on a regular basis. The use of telemedicine software reduces the burden on patients by eliminating time away from work, childcare concerns, and travel time and costs. A telemedicine platform not only benefits physicians, but patients as well.

The use of a telemedicine platform enables providers to serve the health needs of patients more efficiently and cost effectively. This is essential given our aging population and the increase in the occurrence of chronic diseases like diabetes, congestive heart failure and OPD. Telemedicine is one way to help ease the burden on our strained healthcare system.

The digital version of your multi-specialty clinic. Healthwatch Telemedicine Solution (HTS). Our telemedicine solution is a white-label software platform integrated with all the features and functions you need to practice any form of medicine suitable for virtual healthcare. As a software provider, we don’t offer medical services—we simply provide the technology to fully virtualize your healthcare system. The HTS platform’s single, intuitive interface enables an efficient, effective, easy-to-use virtual visit for both patient and provider.

Reduces waiting time and enhances patient care by providing staff with accurate and timely patient information. All-in-one hospital or clinic management system that comes with integrated modules such as Appointment, Billing, Inventory, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, etc.


Healthwatch Resources Limited  has brought together a team of experts who understand telecommunications technology, medicine, medical accounting and security to create a telemedicine platform that both patients and providers love.


Data Security

Safely stored, fully compliant

The Healthwatch Telemedicine Solutions enables more efficient interaction between healthcare providers and patients with advanced scheduling capabilities, rules-based workflows and single sign-on capabilities – simplifying and empowering the provider and administrator digital workflow experience.


Our private-cloud servers are hosted in a fully secured, top-tier, third-party server center and supported by a top-tier backup server facility. The Healthwatch data center is a  PCI and HITECH-compliant environment with multiple database servers (Microsoft SQL), web servers, load balancing technology and firewall with IPS.


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